Foundation Year: 2010
Languages spoken in this facility:
Supported Currencies:
Turkish Liras
Compatible OS:
Android, iOS
Product Categories:
All Categories

About Hepsiburada.com e-Shopping Platform

Hepsiburada.com is one of the oldest, and one of the best online shopping platforms in Turkey.

With Hepsiburada.com, you can order the goods you will need on your Turkey trip before you visit.

Pros of Hepsiburada.com

  • Safe ordering experience guaranteed
  • No billing issues guaranteed
  • Reliable platform
  • Good product variety on technological products, spare parts, housing and decoration.
  • You may find unique products that can not be found in other e-shopping websites.

Cons of Hepsiburada e-shopping platform

  • Hepsiburada.com website is old, and it lacks animations.
  • Lack of product description, images
  • Lack of product evaluation & comments. It sometimes feel like they would not process the order as there is no comment, but they always do.


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