Foundation Year: 2006
Languages spoken in this facility:
Supported Currencies:
Turkish Liras
Compatible OS:
Android, iOS
Product Categories:
All Categories

About has started as an online flowershop. Later, it became popular with gifts between couples such necklace with a special name written on it, tedy bear, etc.

Today, has turned into an online shopping platform which specialized in gifts and extras. Flower sales service is also on.

Pros of Ciceksepeti e-shopping website

  • It was 2 different services, flowers&chocolate, and gifts&extra.
  • Large variety of flowers
  • Perfect for sending gifts to your loved ones
  • Simple dashboard of the website

Cons of CicekSepeti e-shopping website

  • As products tend to be mostly gifts, and they require special packaging; returns may be an issue.
  • No english website; but a google translate plugin should fix it.

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