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Foundation Year: 2010
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Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Turkish Liras, US Dollar
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Android, HarmonyOS, iOS
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Trendyol Turkey

Trendyol Turkey is one of the most popular e-shopping platforms in Turkey.

Pros of Using Trendyol

  • High product variety
  • You can find more comments on products and sellers than you can ever read
  • No fake products & fake comments

Cons of

  • Even though is as popular as US’s Amazon, it does not perform an excellent job with delivery speed. Not bad, but not perfect as well.
  • High prices due to high website commissions.
  • Lack of product description

Trendyol Yemek; i.e., Turkey’s Food Delivery Service has started as an e-shopping platform, and they continued their service with “Trendyol Yemek” where they provide a marketplace for local restaurants to deliver orders. even provides motorcycle delivery for those restaurants with no personal courier. Today, it is possible to see motorcycles with a Trendyol logo in everywhere.

Pros of Trendyol Food Service

  • Ability to track the courier on map is quite festinating.
  • The company is quite customer-friendly.

Cons of Trendyol Food Service

  • High prices due to high website commission. Most restaurants have a significant price difference between real restaurant prices and Trendyol mobile’s high prices.

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